How to keep track of inventory in store

In a business that sells goods or products, inventory is very crucial. With inventory, you will be able to fulfil your customer needs which is an important part to make your business a success. In other words, inventory, therefore, is the heart of how you control your business operations.

With the help of modern technology, inventory for retail stores has evolved. It helps business owners to focus and comfortably provide their customers’ needs. 

Providing the best service to your customers can be done by ensuring that the required goods of your customers are available by the time they need it. This can only be done when you have good control of your inventory management.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively keep track of your inventory.

Use the right tool

The kind of tool you use in your inventory really depends on some factors. It should be based on how big or small your business is, how much inventory you keep, the volume of orders you make, the number of customers you have and so on. 

Some business relies on using the tried and tested method, which is a pencil and paper. There are also businesses who are comfortable using a spreadsheet to keep track of their inventory. For big and specialised business, using an inventory management system is the only way to go.

In order to know which method is best for your business, you should try each method to find out which one works best for the kind of business you have. Using pen and paper as well as spreadsheets are already available. And there are also inventory systems that provide a free trial. Try various tools to find the best solution for inventory needs.

Go cloud-based as much as possible.

If your inventory is cloud-based, you can access your inventory anywhere, anytime. This is more useful if you have multiple locations, and many employees track your inventory. But even if you only have one location and maybe one or two employees working on it, having it cloud-based can make the process done quickly. 

Automate your system with barcode scanning

As your business grows, you may process hundreds or even thousands of orders on a daily basis. Entering every sale, you make manually is a thing of the past. Nowadays, everything can be done smoothly and quickly with barcode scanning.

Keeping track of your inventory with the help of barcode scanning can increase the accuracy of information. This is especially true if you have a huge warehouse. Things can easily get lost and hard to find, which can result in a slow process of orders. With barcode scanning, you can easily find the shelves or bins where your products are stored.

Take advantage of inventory management systems.

It is important to keep track of what products are moving and what products are not. You also need to know how fast certain products are moving. Having this information in realtime can give you the knowledge on what should be reordered and when. This will also tell you how much you are making from the products which are sold and how much money you left in your inventory.

These are basic details which should be included in your inventory report. Your business may require other information. The good thing about using inventory software is that you can customise your reports based on what information you need to know. Not only can inventory systems help you manage your inventory well, but it can also make your business processes simple and quick.