Pens Are The Office Advertising Product Par Excellence

Their low cost and imperative need makes them essential. There is a wide variety of models and prices. There are models thatĀ  in relation quality price can cost less than buying themĀ  in any stationery. If the minimum number of pens that are requested seems very high, consider giving away to your clients those that you will not be using in your office. Everyone needs a pen nearby: there is always a time when you need to point a phone, an address or an appointment with a client. It is a safe bet as a method of promotion . It is also an ideal complement to other types of advertising products such as a notebook, a notebook or a case, etc.

If your business has a reception or customer service, you can leave a boat with pens so that each customer can take one as a gift. Each sales commercial should carry one to be able to offer during the signing of a contract or order. In the office each employee should have a batch of pens and other advertising products to be able to use them throughout the year.

Organize your tasks with advertising magnets

Very used in refrigerators of all homes are also very useful in offices. They are very practical when it comes to organizing daily tasks on a magnetic board . What better way than to use advertising magnets and personalized products with the logo of the company. You can use magnets of different colors to organize the order of tasks in order of importance . In this way you will quickly locate the most urgent tasks or jobs.

Custom advertising paperclips and clips

In the office there is always an important or more urgent task than the others. The paper clips are very useful to leave a note to our partner or to ourselves with the description of the tasks. Giving customers or employees these products advertising portentous is a good idea as an advertising strategy because it is an object that if you use continuously your logo will see who uses it on numerous occasions.